Sunday, January 30, 2011

Dancing Dad

Hi Friends,
We all complain about winter and sometimes the gray weather makes you want to stay indoors and EAT. Over winter I plow snow for some extra money and what a great way to burn a lot of calories in a day. I do some hand shoveling of sidewalks and driveway touch ups to give that added quality (something that most other plowers don't do). I weighed in last Thursday and this is the first time that I saw Dr. Berkeley since before Christmas. She was very happy to see that I lost the extra pounds from the holidays. I have a new motivation to really watch my diet in the coming months. My little girls take dance class at the New Spotlight Dance Studio in Mentor and they are starting to practice their dance routine for the recital in June. Well it looks like we are going to need three bouquets of flowers this year. One for Emily, one for Allison and one for Twinkle Toes Daddy. For over ten years they had the Dancing Dads join in during the recital with a dance routine of their own and they would bring down the house! Well, after a long break they have decided to welcome back the Dancing Dads and guess who was invited to join the group this year? Last year at this time I would have needed oxygen and a costume made by Omar the Tent Maker. I may not know how to dance, and have two left feet,but at least I will look good on stage.


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